Why I'm Building A Website From Scratch

By: Jacob Dennon Date: March 15th, 2023

Hi. My name is Jacob Dennon and I'm building my website. There's a good chance you already knew that if you're reading this. Maybe I put a link to this website in my resume or cover letter. Maybe you searched up my name to make sure I'm not a terrible person with a dark past. Maybe you searched up "Why I'm Building My Website From Scratch By: Jacob Dennon Date: March 15th, 2023." Or maybe you had a python script randomly generate this url for you. Who knows.To be honest I'm not sure why I'm building this site. I just think the internet is super dope and to have my own domain sounded super cool. I hope I can put some cool stuff on here that people can find through a google search. No ads, just awesomeness.

I'm making it a point to not use any third party website builder like Wix or Google Sites. It's just too easy that way, I want to learn how to use JavaScript/CSS/html. Once I get good enough with the front-end development, I plan to take my site off of Github pages. Right now though, there's still so much to learn before I can host the server myself. I hope these skills(especially the problem-solving aspects) will transfer to other areas of my life. If I get good enough at this I'm going to make a book exchange site for my university.

So essentially, this is a passion project: something for me to learn. And again, it just sounds cool to have your own place on the interwebs. I'm also hoping that some people see what I'm posting and are like, "hey that's pretty cool, maybe I'll share my opinion/expertise." I have alot of ideas for this, I just hope this turns out as cool as I hope it will.