1. March 9th, 2023: Domain Purhcased
  2. March 10th, 2023: First Iteration
  3. March 11-13th, 2023: Bob the builder
  4. March 15th, 2023: First Post! Also updated catalog.
  5. March 16th, 2023: Implemented rudimentary flexbox design. Changed color scheme.
  6. March 17th, 2023: Hopefully fixed size disparities for links on phone resolution. Linked local and remote repositories.
  7. March 18th, 2023: Turns out I didn't fix size stuff for phone. sigh.... really weird stuff here.
  8. March 22-23rd, 2023: First Class Review. Also messed with link header stuff
  9. March 24th, 2023: I think I finally fixed the phone viewport stuff. Woo-hoo!
  10. March 25th, 2023: Added class review. More misc stuff.
  11. March 30th, 2023: Got an SSL certificate and started working on JavaScript automation
  12. March 31st, 2023: Another class review. Fixed a bug or two.
  13. April 11th, 2023: Fixed broken link, added main.js, added simple hover effect for links
  14. April 16th, 2023: Added first project.
  15. May 2nd, 2023: Implemented some meta tags. Started real work on catalog script.
  16. May 4th, 2023: Changed some file stuff and worked on CSS and GPA calculator
  17. May 27th, 2023: Started work again on calculator.
  18. June 9th, 2023: Added Arcangel's timeline,Bunch of small changes.
  19. June13th, 2023: Added a title and extra style to Arcangel's timeline. More work on calc.
  20. June 16th, 2023: Fixed archive, worked on calculator
  21. June 17th, 2023: Changed some CSS, worked on calculator
  22. June 25th, 2023: Got a lot of the GPA Calculator done.
  23. June 26th, 2023: Finished GPA calculator, updated about page and other stuff. Added Sitemap.
  24. June 27th, 2023: Created class review for ECE 13
  25. July 3rd, 2023: Fixed Sitemap, resumed work on catalog "automation"
  26. July 4th, 2023: Happy 4th of July! Continued work on catalog, began adding data tags to posts.
  27. July 5th, 2023: Finished catalog "automation." Started Mandelbrot dot project
  28. July 6th-14th, 2023: Mandelbrot work. Learned the importance of optimization.
  29. July 23rd-24th, 2023: Mandelbrot work again.
  30. July 26th-29th, 2023: Mandelbrot work
  31. August 3rd, 2023: Figured it was time to release the mandelbrot stuff on the main website. Hit my head on some chairs today
  32. May 21st, 2024: Been a while. Changed a class review to make it more respectful.